What about those roof top panels? Do I need those?
No more unsightly roof-top panels to heat your pool. InDekSolar© manufactures the most innovative solar technology for invisibly and efficiently heating your pool and keeping your deck cool. Why not reserve your roof area to generate electricity with solar photovoltaic technology?
Can I only do this to a new pool?
This highly efficient utterly versatile Solar Pool heating system can be installed in new swimming pool decks, existing pool decks being replaced, driveways, sports courts, concrete retaining walls and/or fence walls. InDekSolar© heating can also be installed on multiple story decks and flat roofs.
Is there something you can do to cool the pool off?
Cool the pool or cool the deck. The InDekSolar© Pool Heating System not only heats the pool water in early spring and fall but also can be used to cool the pool.  During extremely hot summer days when the pool water gets uncomfortably hot, the InDekSolar© heating system can reverse cool the water.  The auto InDekSolar© Pool Heating Control System can be actuated in the early morning hours to achieve this cooling method. Also, if you are having a pool party during the hottest part of the summer, you can operate the InDekSolar© Pool Heating System to cool the pool deck for hours at a time.
Will it crack the deck finish?
No. The wire mesh and tubing acts as reinforcement and actually makes the deck stronger. As cool water is pumped through the tubing during installation of concrete, and hours thereafter, it slows down the curing rate achieving a stronger, crack-free, concrete decking wherever an InDekSolar© Pool Heating System is installed.
How long will this product last inside the concrete?
Its lifespan matches that of the swimming pool. This is due to the high-tech, engineered, flexible tubing which is impervious to chemicals and mineral build-up. InDekSolar© tubing is freeze resistant and elastic and flexible enough to withstand extreme pressure inside the concrete. Since 1982, our first InDekSolar© system has been providing trouble-free service to its owners. No repairs have been made to date. We guarantee the InDekSolar© Tubing, inside the concrete deck for your solar Pool Heating System, with a full 20-year warranty.
What about Conventional above ground Solar Pool Heating Systems?
Conventional Solar Pool heating systems require a number of solar collectors to equal 100% of the pool water surface area, most mild climates. For example, an 800 square foot water surface area of pool equals 800 square feet of collector area, this equals 25 - 4 x 10 foot solar collectors. Typically most residential and commercial roofs will not support those amounts of collectors.