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Create Your Own
Install in Any Sunlit Area
The InDekSolar© Pool Heating System can be installed in any sunlit area, on which concrete can be poured, for such applications as pool decks, driveways, retaining and tilt-up walls, and sidewalks, to create a high-efficiency solar collector, invisible and well protected from the elements. Since the solar collectors are installed within concrete, they are not susceptible to the deterioration typical of conventional roof- and ground- mounted solar systems, such as from ultraviolet rays, wind, freezing weather, and fire.

The system is fully tested before, during, and after the concrete is in place. Once spring arrives, all you need are a few clear, sunlit days for the system to start heating the pool, readying it for a long season of warm swimming enjoyment lasting until late fall. In the hot days of midsummer, the system cools the concrete, making for a more comfortable barefoot experience.
Exclusive Counter-flow System
The InDekSolar© technology takes advantage of an exclusive counter-flow system, through which pool water flows in opposite directions through adjacent tubes, extracting the maximum amount of heat from the concrete while uniformly cooling it. The InDekSolar© heating system uses 200% of the pool surface area in concrete decking for optimized heating efficiency.

So, the average 400-square-foot, 6-foot-deep swimming pool requires 800 square feet of well-lit concrete surface to effectively heat the pool. Decking area varies, however, with the pool depth and the amount of shading on the pool and deck surface: the best performance is found with full solar exposure. In some cases of shading and other cooling factors, the deck area can be increased over 200%.
Save with Sunshine
A reliable solar heating system is the natural alternative for heating your pool. If you presently heat with gas, oil or electric, a solar heater will meet your heating needs. If you aren’t heating your pool, an InDekSolar© heating system will let you experience the warm comfort of a longer swimming season. The sun’s energy can solar heat the swimming pool in the spring summer and fall months.

Unwind with a quick dip after work or enjoy some special moments and quiet times with your close friends and family. An InDekSolar© Pool heating system does all the work while you relax and enjoy comfortable swimming enjoyment. In most cases, it will pay back the investment in less than 6 years.  Have the satisfaction of lessening your carbon footprint.
InDekSolar© is used to heat this pool, located in Kauai. Pool water is sanitized, by using an automatic salt water chlorination system.
Enjoy your swimming pool.
InDekSolar© Pool Heating System Will Extend Your Swimming Season
Why not get full use of your swimming pool instead of spending the “off season” on costs of maintenance and pool preservation? In mild climates, you can start up your InDekSolar© Pool Heating System in Spring and typically achieve warm and comfortable pool water temperatures for early spring swimming. Simply set the thermostat knob to your desired temperature and let the InDekSolar© Pool Heating System do all the work for you.